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Our NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) Expert Witness Reports provide our impartial expert opinion on the building defect issues and are presented in the structure/format required for submission to the submissions to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


BCG Beautiful Building
BCG Beautiful Building

We record our observations and ‘findings’ in the Special Purpose Building Report

Following our building inspection and investigation, we record our observations and ‘findings’ in the special purpose building report, together with a photographic record of the defects, followed by discussion/diagnosis and recommendations/conclusions detailing our opinion on the suitable and cost effective repairs.

Our special purpose building reports are customised to a level of detail which suits our Clients’ individual requirements. This ensures that we deliver quality, cost-effective reports which are specifically suited to the purpose for which they will be used.

Our Litigation NCAT Building Reports

Our Litigation / NCAT Building Reports are similar and are in the format required by the Lawyer

Typically utilising a Scott Schedule to itemise the defect items, our reports detail our opinion on the cause, their areas of non-compliance with the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and published acceptable standards and tolerances, a scope of remedial works and photos corroborating the defect item.
Also, in order to corroborate specific items in your case such as water ingress issues, it may be beneficial to carry out some water testing or ‘invasive’ testing and/or exploratory works to investigate the underlying building elements and substantiate their causes and to determine remedial works. We can arrange for this work to be carried out.
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Our Other Services

We work on an extensive range of projects – including everything from Strata Building Bond & Inspections Schemes, Litigation Reports through to large strata title residences.

Building Consultancy Group offers a wide range of expert professional building reporting services including:
We deliver quality, cost-effective reports which are specifically suited to the purpose for which they will be used.
Our Project Managers are industry accredited (RPEQ & CPEng) and specialise in complex Civil Construction Projects.
We work with Structural, Forensic and Building Conditions/Dilapidation Reports
Protect unit owners from purchasing into a newly constructed building with defects.

If applicable, our reports will detail what works are required to rectify the issue, together with an ‘estimate of loss’ i.e. cost to repair. We can also supplement the report with photos to illustrate the issues and assist in corroborating your case.

Often the NCAT will require an ‘Experts Conclave’ prior to the hearing, to resolve and reduce the number of the issues and to be of assistance to the Tribunal or Court in making a determination.

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